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In pursuit of meaningful knowledge in the areas of climate change, media studies, and digital transformation

About Henri-Count Evans

Henri-Count Evans is a seasoned Journalism and Media Studies lecturer and researcher. With a passion for climate change communication, social media studies, and digital transformation, he shares his expertise through a wide range of publications, podcasts, news updates, conferences, online courses, and consultancies.

Services Offered

Unlocking the Full Potential of Media and Communication

Climate Communication

Henri-Count Evans specializes in providing insights and strategies for effective climate change communication, helping organizations reach wider audiences and inspire action.

Social Media Studies

With extensive knowledge of social media platforms and trends, Henri-Count Evans offers expertise in leveraging social media for effective communication, branding, and engagement.

Digital Transformation

Henri-Count Evans guides organizations through the process of digital transformation, helping them adapt to the ever-evolving media landscape and harness the power of new technologies.

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